Pulse diagnostic


Pulse diagnostic in the ancient art and science of detecting the existing status of a person’s body mind, soul & spirit. It informs about the state of doshas, body functions, health of the srotas or micro circulatory channels. Taking the radial pulse with 3 fingers, which represent 3 doshas, Vata, Pitta &Kapha. The first finger feels Vata, the second finger probes Pitta & 3 rd finger picks up Kapha.

In superficial pulse each finger can pick up information of each dosha. The deep pulse reveals genetic information telling how unique are people different from each one on earth [i.e. about body constitution or prakriti].

In pulse diagnose both doctor & patient experience a taste of transcendent, pure awareness, the underlying silence. It is so intimately communicative that some healing occurs even while taking pulse. Every individual’s psychosomatic temperament or body constitution is determined by these 3 doshas at the time of fertilization. When the embryo is formed the body constitution i.e. prakriti is determined.

There are 7 basic constituents according to Ayurveda. Vata, Pitta, Kapha, Vatapitta, Pittakapha, Kaphavata, Vatapittakapha. Every individual’s constitution has its own balance of Vata – Pitta – Kapha. The balance of VPK is the natural order.

Ten-fold examination or Dashvidhapareeksha

  1. Body constitution (prakriti)
  2. Pathological state (vikriti)
  3. Tissue vitality (dhatusaara)
  4. Physical build (samhanana)
  5. Body measurement (pramana)
  6. Adaptability to food & activities (satmya)
  7. Psychic constitution (satwa)
  8. Digestive capacity (aharashakti)
  9. Capacity of exercise (vyayamashakti)
  10. Age (vayas)

What is Darshan Parkistan?

Darshan Parikstan is long distance diagnostic. Due to long distance and unable to come India (or Croatia) is very effective to have darshan parikshan, in that we can talk and having short introduction where we can be able to judge the prakriti of the patient and also about the vikriti of the person, where we can talk and discuss and having complete history about the complete data what helps much about to diagnose patient online and darshan – to view Parkshan is to diagnose.

Who needs an Pulse Diagnostic?

Every one can have pulse diagnose, those who are healthy or those who are not. Pulse diagnose is best way to know about own physiology and come to know about happening in body and with time the dominant nature (prakriti) can change, so it is good to understand what all is happening inside of body.