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Holistic Cures team is consists of team leader vaidya dr. Adwait Tripathi, work coordinator Conny Peto Denes, and Vedic Cure team.

All our activities and services are interconnected and integrated into one single unit. The main goal of all our activities is to improve the quality of life of our customers and clients. Our programs are designed with the intention of teaching individuals about raising and spreading awareness, about conscious and active creation of their health, happiness and quality of life in its entirety, and in awaring people for taking responsibility for their own lives.

ATM Home 2 - Adwait

Vaidya dr. Adwait Tripathi is head of Holistic Cures team and of Vedic Cure team, Ayurvedic doctor who provides consultations, treatments of Ayurveda, and maintain educational workshops in Ayurveda.

More about Adwait and his work you can read here: www.atm-ayurveda.com/dr-vaidya-adwait-tripahi/


Conny Peto Denes is the coordinator of Holistic Cures team, the head of the Health Center Harmony, transpersonal psychologist, sexologist, therapist, modern healer, astrologer and dance artist, who provides consultations, treatments and healing, and maintain educational and therapeutic workshops.

More about Conny and her work you can read here: www.holistic-cures.eu/conny-peto-denes/